Soft Skills Training For College

The success & brand image of the college is primarily determined with the placement ratio of the students graduating out of the college. While the colleges can arrange campus interviews from different companies of different verticals, it is still a great challenging factor if the students are not identified as matching the corporate requirements and are not selected through campus interviews. The primary aim of any professional course is to enable the college students undergoing it to get gainfully employed. In order that the students are well placed and excel in their field of endeavour – so as to boost the brand image of the college/university – it is essential that the students are trained on certain finer aspects of Soft skills, Technical Skills and Functional Skills. We offer various training programs for Colleges that would help the students in improving their soft skills and technical skills and shape them as a better individual/employee.

Soft skills are very important

To handle interpersonal relations

To take appropriate decisions

To communicate effectively

To have good impression and impact to gain professional development

Why do college students require soft skill training?

Soft skill is the ability required and expected from person for finding a suitable job, its maintenance and promotion. Effective communication is the key to open doors for job and successful career.

    What Industry wants from potential candidate/employee?

    •  - Oral and Written communication skill
    •  - Critical thinking ability
    •  - Problem solving resourcefulness
    •  - Ability to productively as a team
    •  - Fitting to corporate culture
  • Our progressive soft skill program works towards Building capabilities of best engineering candidates for employment. This program is designed to continuously improve the communication and behavioural skills
    Progressive soft skills program is a specially designed curriculum that gradually transforms the college students to be an employable candidate with
  •  - Better communication
  •  - Better personality
  •  - Goal Oriented
  •  - Right Attitude and Aptitude
  •  - Professional Behavior
Students Studying in Modules Covered Duration
1st Year Communication Skills: Importance of soft skills,Studies Awareness,Public speaking. Time Managemen: Interpersonal Skills,Assertiveness,Confidence building . (public speaking session for each participant ,interactive sessions) 60 hours (30 hours per semester)
2nd Year Communication Skills: SMART Goal Setting,Team Building Personality development: Leadership Building,Positive Thinking. (Team building activities ,role play sessions on Personality development) 60 hours (30 hours per semester)
3rd Year Communication Skills,Stress management,Problem Solving & Decision Making,Email Writing,Presentation Skills (presentation session for each participant ,interactive sessions) 60 hours (30 hours per semester)
4th Year Interview Etiquette: Campus to Corporate Resume building ,Professional Networking 60 hours (30 hours per semester)

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