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    Optimism IT Solutions also takes pride in undertaking research and development projects. These involve developing of prototypes, evaluating the use of new technologies for practical purposes and executing projects to study the feasibility to large scale implementations. We also provide technology consulting in terms of choosing the right technology for a particular requirement to create the most effective and efficient software solution. We leverage our expertise for the same to evaluate the various options available for a given requirement on the same. With continuous advancement in technology, companies have changed the way they do business by implementing cutting edge technologies in product development and services. Optimism IT solutions aims at developing innovative product range in different domains such as aeronautics, telecom and the automotive industry. With our qualified engineers we are emerging as one stop solution provider for embedded product engineering and application development. We have an in-house research and development division that focuses on learning and utilizing advanced embedded chip designing and development.

    Our Strengths
    • Software and firmware development
    • Product engineering consultancy
    • PCB design services
    • Electronic manufacturing services
    • Quality assurance services
    • Advanced embedded systems training
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    An Embedded Research Invention


    Our capabilities in Wireless Systems include programming the wireless chipsets, enabling 4G and LTE services, working with devices like Transceivers, Bluetooth, Zigbee, WLAN 802.11(a/ac/n/g), Iot Embedded Secure Systems, cellular communications.

    Our areas of capabilities could include developing device drivers, handling interprocess communication for Real-Time Operating Systems like FreeRTOS, VxWorks and also for Linux Operating System

    Our capabilities could include doing Web application develoment, mobile application development for Android devices, working with Multimedia(audio/video) and developing application framework for bank and other sectors.

    Our areas of research and development focuses on application in areas like Distributed Systems, Proxy Servers, Web Servers, Ethernet, Switches, Routers, Modems and other Cellular Communications

    We are capable of processing images in Real-Time for applications in Automotive Industry, Defense, Aerospace and Security using OpenCV, Matlab and Simulink

    We provide services to applications involving Software development, Verification and validation, RTL design for FPGA boards involving Xilinx, Altera, MicroSemi, Lattice and Cypress.

    We undertake projects related to Control Systems, Image processing, Signal Processing, Analog and Digital Communication Systems and on interfacing

    We can develop Gaming, Visuals, 3D Scenes and other graphical effects for applications in Cinematography, Gaming and Automotive industries.

    PCB Design

    We can work on developing Firmware for Capacitive, Resisitive and Acoustic displays.

    Q/A and Testing the software/hardware modules


    1. Worked on devloping embedded vision based cameras using Xilinx Zynx 7000, Cypress USB FX3 and Aptina image sensors for applications in Automotive industry, Robotics and security survelliance in the United States and China.
    2. Worked on devloping message display boards, arrow boards and radar speed signs for the leader of highway traffic and security in the United States using ARM926 based Microchip processor in large scale.
    3. Developed a Universal Programmer application which could be used to upgrade firmware to driverboards and power control units that are being deployed in traffic display boards.
    4. Worked on a Aerospace project for the dept of homeland security for detecting aircraft entering into the United States in real-time for the project "Software Defined Multi Spectral System". Integrated IOT sensors to detect the pressure, temperature and the humidity level of the aircraft to facilitate the ground engineers to track the status of aircratft.
    5. Worked on developing a hardware-software interaction platform with the help of a Altera Cyclone V FPGA and NI LabVIEW for getting the medical images of patients from hospitals, processing the images, storing them and providing access for the client using web and cloud platforms.
    6. Worked on developing firmware for making wireless communication between two ARM based devices with the help of a transceiver and performed data storage operations in the memory. Implemented a Time-Lapse Real-Time Monitoring system with a Embedded Linux on a Nvidia Jetson TX1, H264 encode/decoder and a UVC camera.
    7. Developed a IOT based Smart device for cars. The device has a Smart System which can track accidents happening with vehicles in real-time, update the nearest hospital about the accident with identifying the nature of injuries to travellers and updating to hospitals to take appropriate precautionary measures. This will involve identifying blood injuries to the travellers. This IOT based Operating System has a SIM with WIFI and a GPS module in-it which will allow the users to use in-system apps like Music, Bluetooth, maps, Radio, Youtube audio, and Youtube video apps and, also allowing the users to make and receive phone calls, send multimedia messages and voice messages from the device rather than connecting to their phones. This will be an upgrade to the existing operating system in cars.
    8. Worked on creating distributed file systems, processing the data, splitting the data and sending the file to multiple servers and retrieving the data, handled traffic optimizations, multi-connections, worked on creating proxy servers, handled caching and link pre-fetching and worked with embedded security protocols like SNMP to protect the IOT devices.

    Ravishankar S N

    Project Head

    Holding MS Engineering in Embedded Systems and Chip Designing from United Kingdom. He is a young globally certified motivational speaker, trainer, lifecoach and a mentalist. He has 5 years of varied IT experience being a product development consulstant and trainer in Advanced Embedded System working abroad and in India. He holds 2 inventions which are in process of getting patented in the field of embedded system based inventions in process

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